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I have been with the Waianae Boat Fishing Club from 1996, every year we are privileged to get some new faces that help this club to stay on the right coarse and also help other fishermen at the same time. If you are fishermen it doesn’t matter if you don’t fish anymore or still enjoy the ocean currently, if you would like to help keep our harbor clean and safe, then this is the club for you. Ideas and a helpful hands is always welcome and membership is so easy just ask our membership chairpersons and they will be glad to get you started. Also please enjoy all of our features and if you have any comments please Contact us, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions, Ahi Fever, our funding programs, volunteering, ideas on Clean-ups or about our Club. We meet for our General Meeting the first Thursday of each month at the harbor office at 7pm If you would just like to stop by and meet our members. Our club phone number is 696-3399 but we only use it when we are there and no answering machine is provided, the best way to contact us is e-mail thru this site and response is normally fast. See Ya!!

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Aloha Everyone,
May was a good time to go out and get some fishing in. The water was malia and the fishing was great! After a great start for 2014 Keaka Rodriguez on the Hollie Joy got 4 Ono's the biggest topping off at 38.4 pounds. Wayne Thompson while looking for ono's on the ledge got a Mahimahi, while heading out on the 500fm giving up on the ono run got one in the blind that went 35.2. Somewhere out there around the double ball line up he got an Aku 13.2 and FOD. Lloyd Machida also got an ono first thing while setting lines out it went 21.2. He also found a Mahimahi that was 22.2 pounds. Not far from Llyod also setting out our lines out we got an ono at 17.4 pounds. should have went home right then because all we could squeeze out of the rest of the day was a dozen or so 5lb aku's, shibi's and Kawakawa's. we missed a couple of more ono's and lost a mahimahi.

Hope this is a signed that summer will be awesome.
as we take break for Ahi Fever 2014. Good luck to all who entered this year.

See everyone in July.

Walter Okuma
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October 3, 2015
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