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I have been with the Waianae Boat Fishing Club from 1996, every year we are privileged to get some new faces that help this club to stay on the right coarse and also help other fishermen at the same time. If you are fishermen it doesn’t matter if you don’t fish anymore or still enjoy the ocean currently, if you would like to help keep our harbor clean and safe, then this is the club for you. Ideas and a helpful hands is always welcome and membership is so easy just ask our membership chairpersons and they will be glad to get you started. Also please enjoy all of our features and if you have any comments please Contact us, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions, Ahi Fever, our funding programs, volunteering, ideas on Clean-ups or about our Club. We meet for our General Meeting the first Thursday of each month at the harbor office at 7pm If you would just like to stop by and meet our members. Our club phone number is 696-3399 but we only use it when we are there and no answering machine is provided, the best way to contact us is e-mail thru this site and response is normally fast. See Ya!!

Norman Swift, WBFC President




Aloha All, we jsut wrapped up our May Tournament and what good time had by all who participated.

Keaka onboard the Hollie Joy Placed first with a 120 lbs. Marlin, Followed by Vernon Kim on the Luwawa K with a spearfish of 32 lbs. not to be out done, Scott Swift along with Jacob Molina on the Krystal Sea got a 27 lbs spearfish and a 24 pound mahimahi, Clearance Sylva had 21 lbs. mahimahi and Itsu Hamada got a 14.8 mahimahi onboard the Dori Dane.

As a reminder we do not have a tournament for June due to AHI FEVER 2013. Our next tournament is tentively scheduled for the 6th of JULY 2013.

We also have our Keiki Tournament scheduled for the 27th of July 2013 and the Wahine Fishing Tournament scheduled for the 24th of August 2013.

Please remember to be safe out there and to have all of your safety equipment checked and in top shape.


Aloha WBFC Club Tournament Chairman, Walter Okuma



Club Tournament
Itsu Hamada DARI DANE 100 40 100 10               250
Scott Swift KRYSTAL SEA 80 80 5 60               225
Mitchell Basso Halia K 40 100 5                 145
Keaka Hollie Joy 5 5 10 100               120
Bryn Hamada DARI DANE 60 5 40 5               110
Lloyd Machida KYLIE KAI 5 5 80 5               95
Vernon Kim LUWANA K       80               80
Kari Machida KYLIE KAI 5 5 60 5               75
James Boulilan   5 60 5                 70
Clarence Sylva LEILANI S 20 5 20 20               65
Jacob Molina   10 10 5 40               65
Wayne Thompson Kanaka Opunui 5 20 5 5               35
Lani Sylva LEILANI S 5 5 5                 15
Mahi Kaiwi LIHAULANI 5   5 5               15
Alva Kaiwi LIHAULANI 5   5 5               15
David Nuuanu Jr. KUULEI N 5   5                 10
Walter Okuma COLLEEN     5 5               10
Jay Swift RAIN ANN     5 5               10
Norman Swift       5 5               10
Kalani Nuuanu RKN III 5                     5
David Nuuanu  KUULEI N II     5                 5
William Guzman FOR DA GIRLS                       0


Keaka onboard the Hollie Joy Placed first with a 120 lbs. Marlin.


Biggest Fish List Monthly Tournament Results
MAHIMAHI 27 LLOYD 1 Marlin 120.8 Keaka
MARLIN 120.8 KEAKA 2 Marlin 31.6 Vernon Kim
AHI 18.6 SCOTT 3 Marlin 27.5 Scott Swift
ONO 15.8 MITCHELL 4 Mahimahi 24.2 Jacob Molina
AKU 16.4 BRYN 5 Mahimahi 21 Clarence Sylva
      6 Mahimahi 14.8 Itsu Hamada